Sunday, January 29, 2006

Baby Crumpet goes to Five Spot

The week started with Team Mia returning home from the hospital on Sunday to some very confused cats and lots of laundry. La Gringa arrived on Monday morning and Mom & Dad on Monday night. It was great having them around the first week helping out. Even more fun was just spending time with friends & family and sharing the joy of having Mia around (she is a very funny girl). It also meant lots of opportunities for sharing good meals (er, as if you can't tell from reading this blog).

Mia is doing great and today reached a BIG milestone - she has graduated from ''preemie'' to ''new born'' diapers. Woo-hoo, that's right, little Mia is a Big (well, bigger) girl now.

Yesterday we headed to Queen Anne's and our favorite breakfast joint - Five Spot. Feast & carnage followed from which we have yet to recover. Pictured is Mia next to my Giant french toast, which is made with vanilla butter and caramel syrup. Dude........

Happy Year of the Dog to everyone! If you're anywhere near Mount Baker today stop by Grahams as Collins is doing his annual Chinese New Year Party and it's not too be missed. We're hanging low today, staying home & eating leftovers (we had risotto w/t cremini mushroom last night). Shawn (who does Terry Brooks' website) and his girlfriend Rachelle are coming by a bit later. Hmmm....what should I make for dinner tonight?


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