Friday, June 30, 2006

Crumpet meets Big Dog

Mcquinn's house. Baby Crumpet meets Dundee, a golden weighing over 95 lbs. Adults were nervous but Crumpet simply reached out to pet (grab?) the dog & giggled when the dog licked her.

Glad to see Crumpet loves animals & vice versa!

Music - gotta check out Richard Cheese' version of The Girl is Mine - duet with Stephen Hawkins. Seriously.

Dinner - been experimenting with lots of different dishes. Yesterday tried braising beef short ribs.

I used free-range short ribs from Wholefood. Seared on all sides w/t olive oil, about 2 minutes each. Then added bacon, french beans, sweet onion, garlic & carrots. Joe's stuff, rosemary, bay leaf, oregano, sage & kosher salt. A bit chicken stock & red wine. Then simply cook at low heat forever (about 5 hours in our case). I added black pepper & chestnuts right before serving - you can also cut in some fresh shallots for extra kick. Makes an excellent leftover too.


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