Friday, October 19, 2007


Summer is short around here so Baby Crumpet decided to have a BBQ

St Louis style pork ribs (sauce - jack daniels, crushed sage & raspberries)

Cedar plank king salmon (honey lime, yogurt, mango)

Tequila lime burgers

Smoked salmon dip with cajun garlic sauce & capers

Red/green lettuce salad with blue cheese, walnut, raspberries, blackberry, ginger & balsamic vinegar

Fresh smoothies (mango, peach, banana, rasperry)

Jenni made blue cheese potato salad

Gracie made lemon cupcaks

Tomoko made her special dessert bars

Ewan made bread pudding

Guests: Desiree, Tomoko, Masa, Collins, Leya, Ewan, Leo, Jacope (who is a Count from Italy; long story), Nathan, Jenni, Jim, Nancy, Dan, Kurt & Sabrina


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