Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's easy being Green

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - not exactly a bastion of liberal ideas, recently ran a special report on ways each individual can help the environment so we here would like to share our own tidbits.

Adrian drives a Prius and get's 50 miles per gallon not to mention zero emissions.

I barely drive at all. I work from home. Imagine if more Americans were allowed to work from home how much gasoline we would save, how much time we would save, how much better the air would be.

We use energy efficient light bulbs

We compost

We close doors to empty rooms to keep energy cost down. We use curtains & are looking into new, energy efficient windows.

We bring our own bags to buy grocery

We pay our utility company to supply us only with power from clean energy (wind, solar, hydro)

We don't wash our cats (would you?)

It just makes sense to save money, not shoot harmful chemicals into the air we breath and help to reduce global warming. It would be really nice if Baby Crumpet can grow up in a cleaner world.


Blogger jenni said...

Some other easy things to do to help the environment (and your utility bill):

* turn off running water when brushing teeth or lathering hands.
* turn off lights when you leave the room. Tons of savings there!
* set your thermostat to lower temp when you're not there or at night when you're sleeping (this is a challenge for those of us who work at home, but sweaters aren't just for little lap dogs).
* dry your clothes in batches--each successive load will dry quicker because the dryer is already warm
* see where you can reuse instead of buy new (big challenge for me!) e.g. Instead of buying plastic Gladlock containers for leftovers, why not reuse a clean and empty glass pickle or salsa jar?

11:45 AM  
Blogger La Gringa said...

I would never want to work from home. I'd blow my brains out. Way too solitary, dude. I spend enough time alone as it is.

9:19 PM  
Blogger M said...

Be careful of the cfl lights, they too need to be recycled specially. Go PRIUS! It's tough getting people to change their ways, once thye get into the swing of doing things it's easy just as Ku says. :)

11:38 AM  

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