Sunday, March 02, 2008

Crumpet turns two!

On January 19th Baby Crumpet turned two! We celebrated with a rousing dinner party. Pictures of the cake event with pals Lilly and Nathan.

The theme was ''Italy'' and I made a few dishes from Marcella Hazan's bible Essential Italian Cooking: Roast crown pork rib chops (garlic, lemon, orange juice, cardoman, peppercorn, cumin & caynne); Roast tomatoes ragu with chorizo and mild italian sausage; salad of cremini mushroom, shaved parmessan, celery with truffle oil; smoked salmon foam (smoked salmon folded into whipped cream). Desserts were lemon tart + apple pie (Adrian). McQuinn provided a homemade rosemary bread.

This also doubled as our annual food fund-raiser. Thanks to everyone's contributions were we able to deliver 5 full bags of dry food to the local food shelter.

Party guests were: Desiree, Masa, Don, Carol, Pierce, Braden, Lilly, Leah, Nathan, Jim, Jenni, Mei Chi, Noel and Sylvia.

Here is a VIDEO of the event


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