Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crumpet news round-up

It's been almost 4 weeks since I posted any news - so here is a round-up

First, proof that Crumpet DOES have nice cloth (the beautiful dress is a gift from Kaoru)

BIG NEWS - this week we started SERIOUSLY potty-training. Meaning the Crumpet is now wearing little-girl underwear as opposed to diapers. Adventures ahead...

Big A recently went to NY by herself (!) to visit friends and left me alone with Ms Crumpet. We spent our time at coffee shops and went to a Seattle nightclub (during the day) with Gracie, Nathan & Jim in something called Kids Love Disco - a nationwide program with DJs spinning toons for kids & family at hot spots. Ms Crumpet was a little shy and miffed why no boys asked her to dance

Crumpet & her mom are going down to Oakland this weekend to visit family while I'm off to Atlanta for work (Fat Matt's Rib Shack here I come!)

We didn't make it to the Tulips Festival this year because, well, it snowed & HAILED in Seattle early this month. Good news is our tulips are doing just fine in the backyard.

Our quest to get Crumpet a kitten continues....


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