Saturday, February 04, 2006

Life with Crumpet, Rosemary & Truffles

Our friend Eva & David (who are expecting their first offspring this summer) asked how are we handling living with newborn baby & cats. We pondered this question as well. Reality is, nothing. The cats for the most part have decided that Crumpet is a) not a threat, b) not food, c) not a toy and d) not a competition for food or toy and have pretty much accepted her as another member of the useless, strange pinkish creatures we call ''human'' who live to serve them (see photos for proof of the cats' sheer dominance)

Jamie, Todd & their daughter Autumn came to visit. Had braised pork for dinner and then the ridiculously delicious home made brownies Jamie brought. Jamie is pregnant with their 2nd child (baby boy this time) and has been a great source for us through out the pregnancy and now, baby. Jamie works at Costco and revealed their generous family leave policy (3 months of paid leave, up to 6 months of unpaid; husband gets 6 weeks of paid leave). Hooray for Costco for preaching employee loyalty. Todd works for a freight shipping company owned by the Russians. Definitely no mafia connections at all, nope, not one bid, never, of course not....


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