Thursday, April 20, 2006

Digital Exciting

Let's say you're disillusioned with the decadent life style of the west. Too much commericialism, blackberrys and people talking on mobile phones. You should go to Korea. When you come back you'll realize USA is a bastion of peacefullness and tranquility.

Korea is Neal Stephenson's wet dream. An example of progress by brute force. Their mobile phones have 8 megapixle cameras, 2 hours of HD video, satelite TV. You see people everywhere watching movies, instant messaging or playing a massive online game. Sometimes they even talk on it.

One of the great joys of Seoul is street food but even there you can find wi-fi (as Koreans annoy me with their ultra-thin, ultra-light laptops - which they use to stream Desperate Housewives). If I need to be embarrassed I can just go to a beach in LA.

For centuries the moniker in Korea was ''Land of Morning Calm'' but that is quickly being replaced by Samsung's slogan ''Digital Exciting''

Next: eating, drinking, getting lost, showering with other men and going to a lesbian bar in Seoul


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