Monday, April 10, 2006

Visiting friends in Boston

Baby Crumpet has friends in many places and none more than the Boston area.

Had lunch with the Allens (Kate, John, Sophia, Amelia, sister Cris & cats Olive and Sabine) out in Mansfield. The Allens were the original model parents that showed us it was possible to have kids and still have fun. They were my neighbors back when East Village still felt dangerous and we're still best friends after all these years. They're suppose to visit us in Seattle in August - can't wait!

Had lunch with the Salvatores (Bob, Diane & Bryan) out in Leominster. Didn't know that was the home to Johnny Appleseed & Robert Cromier. Hung out at Bob's house, met his various cats & dogs and admired the new Porsche (result of a visit to the Porsche driving school, guess he didn't avoid the gift shop on his way out). Bob is a New York Times best-selling author and an all-around awesome guy. Go read his books!

Had dinner with Christina Smith at the Parrish Cafe in Boston. The place is downtown hip without the pretense and has an ecclectic menu (egg salad sandwich is much better than it sounds; drinks frappe made with root beer was a crowd pleaser). Christina is planning a move to NYC in the near future to avoid any more New England winter. I can relate as the weather was super chilly that evening. Burr....

Had dinner with the McIntyres (David & Eva) in Medford. Eva is one of my oldest friend with a history that goes way back to junior high in San Mateo. They got married last summer in Napa Valley and are expecting their first child this summer. Wa ha ha ha ha. We went to Red Bones, a famous local BBQ joint and just stuffed ourselves with red meat & beer. The verdict? Not bad for Boston but not even in the ballpark compared to the real thing. Yup, I'm a BBQ snob and have not found anything I like north of the Mason-Dixon Line.


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