Sunday, March 12, 2006

Crumpet update

World premiere photos of the crumpet with her eyes open!

She will be 8 weeks old this Thursday and 2 months old next Sunday (March 19th)

Daily routine continue to be the same yet with subtle changes. In addition to eating & sleeping she is definitely awake more often and engaging in some form of playing and making funny noises. The crumpet remain a fierce eater, often consuming more than twice the amount of food deemed ''average'' in baby books. For those of you who know her father, well, this is not surprising.

She is still not sleeping through the night but only wakes up exactly once (roughly 3 - 4 hour intervals). She can be fussy when we want her to go to sleep. Latest technique involves holding her in the bathroom with the fans on while standing underneath the heat lamp. She is also a restless sleeper with her arms & legs flaiing about constantly (my guess is she is growing; or she is dreaming of kung fu fighting)

Overall she is extremely healthy & very fun to be with at all times during the day.


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