Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sleep like a baby

Like baby animals there are few things in life as adorable as a sleeping baby :-)

Rumor has it there is a video that helps kids snooze by showing various baby animals falling asleep. If anyone knows how to obtain this said video please holler.

Last Thursday we had Jen & Ryan over for dinner. Jen is not only one of our best friend but also our realtor. She is currently planning to start a separate business part time in Hawai'i (we can all visit!) as well as climb 2 -3 mountains this year (Rainier, Shuksan...etc.). Ryan, her better half, is recoveing from foot surgery but is alread planning to climb 12+ mountains this year. All together much food, wine, beer & scotch were consumed (Lagavulin 12th year cask strength)

Dinner was grilled tri-tip w/t bbq sauce and vegetarian green curry

Ku's recipe for green curry (learned at cooking school in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand)

In skillet heat up coconut milk, do not add oil, do not let it boil

Add in green curry (I use the Mai Po brand paste from Thailand, available at most Asian grocery stores, but sometime I also like the Yeo Singapore yellow curry)

In waves add in chopped vegetables. For this dinner I used cherry tomatoes, asparagus, bamboo shoots, shittake mushrooms and snowpeas but in theory it could be anything (sliced mango is very good). Make sure you stage it so the veggie that needs the most time go in first (such as mushroom) and veggie that need to stay crunchy goes in last (such as snowpeas)

Flavor with sweet chili sauce (or sugar), fish sauce, kosher salt & garlic. Serve with steamed rice. Once the prep work is done the cooking time should be less than 5 minutes.


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