Friday, February 17, 2006

Jenni's birthday party

Sunny day in Seattle, as usual (howdy to all y'all eastercoasters). Went to Swansons Nursery to shop for trees & plants now that we actually have a backyard. Decided to come back since they're having a sale starting on Thursday but have our eyes fixed on Dogwood, Witch Hazel, shallots, rosemary, bay leaf & sage. Stay tuned for our gardening saga.

Lunch at the Old Time Ale House in Ballard. Yum. Big A had a Hoeggarden and chicken sandwich w/t pesto. Da Mao had an Imperial Stout w/t cornbeef sandwich and onion soup (yeah, I read La gringa's blog about onions). Crumpet slept through the whole thing.

Highlight of the day was birthday party at Jenni Gaynor's in Redmond. Met lots of new folks & new babies. The room was divided between Jenni's writing friends, sleep-deprived parents and Jim's IT buddies (there were so many IT guys in the house I thought a Warcraft game was going to breakout). Funny how each parent behaves different around their child. One person we met (forgot her name) already has 3 boys and recently adopted a 2 year old girl from China (who is a cute terror) and you can tell nothing short of the nuclear option will rattle her. Another mom however seemed perpetually on the verge of a nervous breakdown each tome her child went beyond 2 feet from her arm's reach. She also doesn't like when her husband flies so she is weird anyway.

We helped ourselves to plenty of beer, chips & cheesecake while Jim showed me how to organize photos on my ipod - now life is complete - but wait - you can do video too?

As usual Nathan was life of the party, even though it wasn't his party. Actually I think Nathan will be the life at any party, be it Paris Hilton's bachelorette blowout or the State of the Union address. Here are more photos of Nathan for members of his fanclub.


Blogger Jim said...

"so many IT guys in the house I thought a Warcraft game was going to breakout"

Now you know how I feel when I go to a party hosted by you or one of "Jenni's friends". So many writing/publishing people around you can't help but think that a book deal will be struck on the spot. That said, I really loved the mix of people at Crumpet's shower.

Nathan's social tendencies - and his extraordinary ability to work a room - are getting to the point where we just have to laugh and shake our heads. Gotta wonder just what we've unleashed on an unsuspecting world...

11:10 AM  

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