Friday, February 10, 2006

Baby Shower

Friends Jen, Megan & Troy threw a baby shower for Big A & Crumpet. Ihe shower was originally scheduled for Jan 21st, but since Crumpet decided to arrive on the 19th the party was, er, re-scheduled.

The party was at Troy & Megan's lovely house in Greenlake (or was it really Wallingford?). People in the neighborhood should check out Troy's private Pac Man machine downstairs. It was great to see all of our friends : Francoise, Gracie, Ben, Susan, Henry, Jenni, Jim, Nathan (pictured inhaling a balloon), Ryan & Kaoru. Food highlight include bacon wrapped jalapenio, Ryan's spinach dip and the Danish Kringle Gracie brought from Ballard. Much wine, beer & Macallan 12th year cask strength were consumed by the adults. Much balloon were consumed by the kids.

Nathan was the life of the party as he welcomed everyone with a warm smile & big hug. Troy got him hooked on Perrier, in fact Nathan drank so much Perrier he wet his pants and finished the party pantless. I always said it's not a good party until someone loses their pants.


Blogger Jim said...

Well, technically, he didn't wet his pants so much as entirely blow out his diaper. I mean, that diaper gave its ALL. A trooper. But the fizzy water was just too much.

Great and wonderfully unconventional baby shower!

4:42 PM  

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