Sunday, February 05, 2006

Even more doughnuts...

Crumpet and Big A are beginning to be recognized at Top Pot Donuts, since they hang out there so often. The atmosphere is inviting, the conversation stimulating, and the Bavarian cream doughnuts not to be missed. And Big A hasn't missed one yet.

Since it was sunny outside for five hours straight, Crumpet decided to cruise around the neighborhood in her SUV stroller, then patiently waited while Big A struggled to remember how to unfold the darn thing. Showing off fashionable new duds, Crumpet wore a stylin' fuzzy sweater from friend Nicole, owner of knitting store The Naked Sheep, and cute little booties knit by Book Stud. Then Crumpet came home and channeled her inner Super Bowl fan by alternating between yelling and eating her head off for several hours straight.


Blogger Book Stud said...

The Naked Sheep is my FAVORITE STORE! Please tell Nicole that she's my favorite person...

2:22 PM  

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