Monday, February 20, 2006

Crumpet's trip to Baker part 1

Crumpet made her first ever trip up to Mount Baker/Glacier. We had so much fun the stories & photos will be broken up into 3 parts

On the way up we stopped in Bellingham to visit Rachel Adam & her baby daughter Gretchen (Gret) Adam. Gret is about 4 months older than Crumpet so had a great time comparing notes and to get great hand me downs. Thank you Rachel & Gret!

Continuing onto Glacier (human pop. 47; canine pop: unlimited) Crumpet made the rounds of visiting uncle Collins at Grahams, an eating/drinking establishment Crumpet will someday inherit (where she was greeted with the delight by the group of waitresses and baristas - the male gender were more unimpressed). Swinging by Wake 'n Bake (motto: get sconed) for some wonderful coffeee & desserts (lemon bar, blueberry coffeecakes) from Rebecca & Court. Then headed to the Glacier Ski Shop to see Drew, Scott, John & JT (whom we overheard saying to Drew - the proud pappa of Gret - ''just because you now have a baby that's no excuse for not skiing everyday''). 'nuf said.

Back at Grahams where Big A devoured the world famous phish tacos while Da Mao enjoyed the St Louis style ribs, employing my famous ''two fingers'' technique while using no napkins. Drank copious amount of Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Went home early to build a fire & hang out at the lodge and missed that night's band - Quickdraw Stringband.

Probably just as well 'cause later we heard the party went on until 4:30am and patrons (and Collins) were doing Sake bombs (balance cup of sake on chopsticks on top of pint of beer, bang table, sake cup falls into beer, drink, repeat). Well, at least nobody burned down anything (yes, it has happened before)


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