Thursday, March 02, 2006

McQuinns & trees

'cause you can never have too many pictures of babies & cats

Had the McQuinns over for dinner. Always great fun to see them. Don is planning to have us make sausages together at his house. Sounds, er, ambitious, and, messy. Better have some beer on hand.

Been another good week in the life of Team Mia. Highlights were the many great dinners (sheppard's pie, roasted chicken with cranberry stuffing, tri-tip, homemade burgers with rosemary bread, linguini with creme fraiche & smoked salmon, braised lamb chop).

Played gardener by planting dogwood, witch hazel, rosemary bush, bay leaf tree, lemon thyme and a bunch of shallots. This mostly involved digging & shoveling in compost. Then it snowed the next day.

Latest Netflix:

* Monsoon Wedding. Great movie. Didn't know you can cram so much drama into 100 minutes (adultery! abuse! love triangle!). Can't wait to go to India.

* Life Aquatic. Even better movie from the director of Rushmore & Bottle Rocket. Very nuanced and not what you expected. Superb soundtrack. Don't miss the Bowie covers by Seu Jorge (he also performed on the City of God soundtrack). Murrary is even better here than Lost in Translation. Owen Wilson played against type, for once.


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My mom wants to see a picture of Mia Jade with her eyes open!!!


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