Thursday, March 02, 2006

70s night at the skating rink

Check out those retro-skates!

For Jen's birthday the tribe gathered at the Lynnwood Rollaway Skating Rink. Inside it's like a scene straight from Pretty in Pink. Loads of gangly teenagers in their representing cliques: the punk wannabies, the paris hilton look alike, the korean jocks, the skinny nerds, the-girls-under-13-think-iam-very-hot-dorks. Music ranged from Ciara telling you to have sex to Snoop telling you to have sex. A support group of dazed mothers sat back in the cafe doing crossword puzzels. while their children would occasionally dive back for a shot of sugar soda.

Folks came dressed in full 70s extravaganza. We are talking from full on wigs to Olivia Newton John gym shorts. Since the joint is alcohol free we retreated to a bar at the bowling alley next door for cheap beer. Thus we were properly prepared emotionally and people took to the skating rink and high jinks ensue. I mean, some of our friends are really good. Troy glides with grace while Shirley dazzeled the crowd by winning ''shoot the duck'' contest. Others? Well, Megan came close to take out a group of six year olds at the entrance while birthday girl Jen perfected the art of skating while arms flail about and eventually crashed spectacularily. That Jen does like attention.

When we were leaving the rink we ran into a group of friends (all over 30) huddled in their car in the parking lot, smoking dope. Who needs High School?

Crumpet slept through all this, BTW


Blogger Mel Francis said...

do they really count as retro skates if they are they only way you know how to skate? (hypothetically, of course)

9:19 PM  
Blogger Ku said...

well, retro nowadays seems to mean whatever is actually currently in fashion, so it's not really actually retro. mY head hurts....

5:43 PM  
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