Friday, March 10, 2006

Book suggestion

Picture was taken at Gracie's apartment

Since the Enron trial is reaching high drama in the news - for those interested in this tale or just simply a fascinating read I'd like to recommend CONSPIRACY OF FOOLS by Kurt Eichenwald

The book is a blow by blow account of the rise and fall of Enron. The style & pace reads like a thriller with a cast of personalities and byzantine plot twists. While in the media it's easy to cast blame on the three executives - Lay, Skilling & Fastow - when you have finished the book your opinion will be much murkier.

Long story short everyone involved played a part in the collapse - Enron management, employees, banks, lawyers, press, government officials, the white house, foreign government, accountants. The common thread was GREED. One of the best book I've read in years.

.... watched Hayao Miyazaki's CASTLE IN THE SKY last night - simply another fabulous tale - think of it as Atlantic re-told in fairy tale setting with Miyazaki's usual strong kids characters & a gun-toting grandma pirate (really)

... dinner was pan roasted chicken with sake sauce & steamed asparagus accompanied by Oolong tea


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