Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dreaming of Mexico

For all your people getting tired of winter - sunny days are just around the corner. This picture was taken at puerta de la muerta in Mexico last Thanksgiving (Crumpet was still in mommy's tummy, enjoying her first tortas)

La Gringa's mom wrote requesting pictures where Crumpet has her eyes open. Team Mia shall do our best. You see usually when her eyes are open she is ''active'', meaning my hands are usually busy playing, holding or feeding her. It's not an accident that all the pictures here involve the Crumpet in a comatose state.

Tough week for Team Mia. First Big A come down with a cold, then Da Mao goes down. Not enough sleep and very hectic schedules were blamed while lots of ginger tea, airborne, nitequill and dubious chinese herbal syrup are consumed.

We recently bought a condo on Greenlake and it needs a lot of work, so we've been running around lining up painters, carpet folks and general handyman. When it's all done we'll have a beautiful 2BR 2BA with right on Greenlake for rental. I also attended my first ever homeowners' meeting at the condo we own in Queen Anne. Wow was it tedious and a microcosm of people's pettiness.

So much to plan so little time. Set up trips to Portland (visit publisher & do fun stuff), Boston (attend library convention & visit family), San Francisco (visit publisher & grandma), Cozumel (thanksgiving with mom & dad), Baltimore (work), Seoul (visit publisher & friend & to drink soju) and Hong Kong (visit brother and to bring mom back to Seattle to visit). We're also planning to start a book club and a food club (first event will be a home ravioli making party, details to come)

Made a bunch of mix CDs for John Allen - it's in the mail.

New iTunes favorite - Brazillian Girls. Actually a group from Germany but very good sound mixing bossa nova with something experimental. Can't wait for the new Neko Case.

Dinner at Gracie's. She made Hawai'ian meatballs, grilled asparagus & marinated strawberries while we tried a nice bottle of red from B.C.


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