Friday, June 30, 2006

Crumpet camps Mt St Helens

Baby Crumpet had her first ever camping experience - at the Seaquest State Park at the foot of Mount St Helens. Easy 2 hour drive from Seattle. We left after work on Friday. Got there with plenty of time to set up the tent, build a fire & cook (well, burn) a couple of sausages.

We spent Sat hiking (see previous post) - dinner was grilled steak & beer. Yum.

We had nw air mattresses from REI and they performed like a charm, I have never slept this well camping. Crumpet did well too especially it got really, really cold in the middle of the night. She was wrapped in 3 layers, hat & socks on her hands (we didn't have baby gloves). This girl is a trooper - I think she is ready for anything.


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