Sunday, October 29, 2006

republican ads

as I travel around the country it's really interesting to see the attack ads from both parties.

The Democrats by & large are trying to link their republican opponents to Bush while trying to remain positive with local messages (i.e. Cantwell in WA stressing the environment; O'Malley in MD on improvement in crime).

The republicans, is a whole other story.

In TN Corker is attacking Ford (who is african american) with ads insinuating that he dates white women (I guess that's scary to rural voters)

In MD Ehrlich is attacking O'Malley (who is mayor of Baltimore) by falsely claiming crime is up. Even though the republican campaign manager has admitted to fabricating the data and resigned, the republicans continue to run the same ads.

In WA McGavick is attacking Cantwell with various race and immigration baiting ads (such as claiming Cantwell does not support english as the official language); again, trying to scare rural voters.

The sad thing these scaring the rural voter ads work - just ask John McCain and what Bush/Rove did to him back in 2000.

If Americans can't tell the difference then maybe we deserve the republicans.


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