Tuesday, October 31, 2006

taxman cometh

the republicans have started running TV ads showing a taxman showing up at people's houses. The message is simple & effective - if you elect democracts, they will raise your taxes

at Bush's radio address he took the time to scare people more - if you elect democrats they will raise your taxes by $2.4 trillion

Funny how nobody ever ask Bush were he gets his numbers from

Taxes are neccessary, it's how our government collects revenues. It's how we have paved road, clean water, parks, fire stations and policeman. HOWEVER, I believe politicians from both aisles have grown to abuse the tax system. That's a whole different subject matter......

Going back to Bush's new scary tactics. Three simple questions:

1) how does Bush explain the $350 billion he has spent on invading Iraq and racking up another $6.4 billion each month. Seems to me that's money that could have been spend on, oh, so many other useful things like paying down the national debt.

2) speaking of the national debt, like to hear how Bush plan to explain to the people that during his watch we have tribled our national debt. You & I may not feel it today that's because, like credit card debt, we're still in the grace period. But it won't be long for the foreign countries (primarily China & Japan) who holds the notes to begin calling in the IOUs - our children will be paying for this Bush debt for years to come

3) then there is pork. Even stauch conservatives have become disgusted with the current Bush republican congress and its unprecedented spending spree and pork projects. The conventional wisdom has always been you can trust the republicans with your money - but not this congress, they're spending our money on pork after pork with zero veto from Bush. It's the biggest scandal we've ever seen yet no one seems to care.

So, Bush & the republicans, before you try to change the subject from Iraq to the economy, take a look in the mirror.


Blogger Jim said...

The Republican party of yore - the one I could respect - believed in minimal government and fiscal conservancy. They derided the Tax and Spend Democats.

The current administration seems to believe they can raise expenditures and increase government (central government, that is - not local service-providing government), while reducing income.

Bread and Circuses for the 21st century.

11:54 PM  

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