Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Party

Team Mia had our 2006 Christmas Party

Great to see everyone - Desiree, Masa, Tomoko, Jen, Chris, Gracie, Leah, Rachelle, Shawn, Kathi, Collins, Kurt, Sabrina, Lucas, Marcus, Don & Carol

Music - Christmas music from Sufjan Stevens, Aimee Mann & Duke Ellington (the Nutcracker Suites in jazz - we saw it performed years ago in NY)


- Roast center cut pork with australian crescent potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, shallots & chestnut
- Dungenese crab dip w/t artichoke hearts
- Whole smoked salmon w/t capers & lemon tartar sauce
- Spinach salas w/t beets, corn, spanish olive oil & blackberry balsamic vinegar
- Eggnog cupcakes courtesy of Gracie (who also brought a Kringle)


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