Friday, November 17, 2006

Baby Crumpet at the beach

Team Mia visted the coast of Washington with Gracie. We stayed at a very cute cottage named The Cranky Roost courtesy of Gracie's friend Buzz Bissinger (the author of Friday Night Lights).

It was our first time to the area and we were quite amazed at the possibilities. One local town boosted to be the ''oyster capital of the world'' A als we didn't try any since it was not in season. Another town is famous for their cranberry bogs. Yet another town, with a great boardwalk, host an int'l kite festival and competition every summer. There were also several national parks full of wildlife.

The area we stayed at were at the mouth of Columbia River, which was were Lewis & Clark ended up at. We visited a Lewis & Clark interpretive center which was fun & informative.

The local food scene was quite unexpectedly impresive. Here we are expecting dingy fish & chip joints but instead finding several upscale restaurants with walls full of accolades with great reviews and national wine medals. Who woulda thunk it?

The highlight was Baby Crumpet's first ever visit to the ocean and the beach. She quite enjoyed herself and didn't even mind eating some sand. But the first time she rubbed her eyes with sandy fingers, hm, it didn't go so well....


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