Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rolling Stones

With Jen watching Baby Crumpet - Gracie got us tickets to see the Stones in Seattle.

I'm actually not big fans, but seeing the Stones (like seeing AC/DC, Springsteens, Tom Petty) in a stadium rock concert just felt like one of those things you didn't want to miss in your life time since it may never happen again. Of course I've been saying this for 20 years and the Stones have not went away.

We all know the songs, nothing new there. Mick & Keith definitely put on quite an energetic show (by comparison opening act Dave Matthews was both white man can't dance and barely awake). Crowd watching is quite entertaining. Mostly female and mostly over 45. In between sets Mick Jagger was full of jokes and references to the pacific northwest, I'm impressed by their manager for preparing the ''local facts'' cheat sheet. Overall very enjoyable to have the ''stones'' experience.


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