Thursday, November 02, 2006

how to handle a scandal

Kerry makes a stupid remark and within 24 hours the democractic leadership cancelled all his campaign appearances and told him to ''shut up''

Jim Gibbons, a 5-term republican congressman from Nevada who is running for governor, is under investigation by the FBI for possibly giving millions of dollars of defense contracts to his close friends & business associates in exchange for campaign contributions, paid vacations and free casino chips.

Naturally the republican leadership sent president Bush to Nevada today to help Jim Gibbons campaign.

We report. You decide.


Blogger czechpointcharlie said...

Hi Ku - (+ 5 syllables) -

You know, Kerry's comment isn't so much "wrong" or "stupid" as it is simply that he was speaking from a different time - from the 60s - when we had the DRAFT - and if you were in school you were there on a student deferment, and if your grade point average fell below a certain point you WOULD lose that deferment and you WOULD be sent to Vietnam. Today, with a volunteer army, it's a little different, at least in the immediacy then vs now in ending up in the military and "over there".

In those days EVERYBODY knew that you maintained a 2.0 gpa or ELSE!!! And that's the world Kerry grew up in (and remember, he *did* go to Vietnam), and that's the world he was speaking from - I'm certain of it.


6:18 AM  
Blogger Ku said...

Charlie - you're correct. I should have meant Kerry was stupid to say the remarks when he knew it was going to be misunderstood - well, I guess that's Kerry's problems in a nutshell

4:46 PM  
Blogger czechpointcharlie said...

And of course *I* "should have meant" a 3.0 gpa - heheh - a 2.0 was barely attending class.......

And he probably didn't think they'd be misunderstood - probably didn't realise he was speaking "out of time" (out of synch?)

But in a sense, you're right - this is indicative of a larger problem he's lamentably prone to with astonishing regularity

3:55 AM  

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