Monday, January 15, 2007

NY 1: party at Colleen's

Party at Colleen's pad. It was Baby Crumpet's first chance at meeting most of our friends in New York. She was suitably dressed in a pirate shirt and pink pants.

It was wonderful to see all the people who made the trek to Astoria - Hector, Carrie, Kerri, Andre, Liz, Evan, Jen, Frank & Alexandra.

Hector (seen giving Mia the chair lift) proved to be an expert baby handler (who knew?). Evan brought cheese cake. Frank made pumpkin brownies. Colleen provided Romanian sausages, cheese & various spreads. Everyone brought beer.

Baby Crumpet was passed around like a joint and entertained the crowd with great feats - including grabbing a beer bottle (and drank from it) to staying up to 1am (she knew she was in NY). Don't know if it made any difference to bridge the cultural difference whereas in Boston everyone we saw either had kids or were pregnant (or both). In NY no one had kids and none are expected. Must be the taxes or something.


Blogger toner_low said...

Thanks for the compliment on my child handling skills, although the photo looks like I'm about to body-slam poor Mia! Sorry, my years in the WWF have made me who I am today. I personally thought Liz was the expert baby handler of the NY bunch. Can't wait for Team Mia's next visit!

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