Sunday, March 18, 2007


in Tokyo during Valentine's Day.

If you've never been to Tokyo - here is a brief taste - video taken at the crosswalk in the Shibuya district. Lost in Translation was more right than you know.

Tried wale sushi. Right, Japanese people eat wales. Don't be so shocked, Norway does too and a few other nations (not to mention some native tribes in Alaska). Pretty tasty in a gamey kind of way. The same restaurant also served a vertical tasting of tuna - different pieces of sashimi from different parts of a same tuna - astonishing.

Went to a hip-hop club. Compared to the hip-hop club in Seoul I went to it's very different. Whereas in Seoul the DJ was a black American and all the young people dressed the same way; in the Tokyo the DJ was a hot shot young Japanese woman and the fashion, well, let's just say Tokyoites remain ages ahead of London and New York in terms of inventing new ways to look cool and interesting.

Monday was a holiday in Japan so all the local ''shot bars'' were closed and we were forced to go to an English Pub (shame, shame). However our prospect were enlivend when we found out a Maori band from NZ were playing and the lead singer looked like a hunkier version of that dude from Midnight Oil. A las our enthusasim turned back to shame when he sounded more like Natalie Merchant.

Met up with our bud from Australia who has lived in Tokyo for 6 years with his Japanese girlfriend. When asked why tokyo? He answered: ''because I can walk out of my front door and encounter 15 extraordinary things everyday''

I agree

One thing Tokyo does is it cures you of any phobias. Whenever you came from it's smaller and quieter.


Blogger es said...

mark and I just ate at Hip Hop Chow, a soul food/Asian joint in the E. Vill.
On the plasma screen they were playing the Asian B-boy Championships 2007 - from Korea. The Koreans seem to LOVE hip-hop culture and the more "authentic" the better.

Re: whale sushi - my pal Joe is a Harvard environmental biologist and writes for Audubon and the NY Times. He went to Japan to research an article on the sushi - he would order whale sushi, sneak a piece e back to his hotel room where he had some kind of pocket polymerase DNA lab test set up (I kid you not) to see if it was from an endangered species of whale or not!

love the blog. Mia is the cutest ever. visit NYC again soon - we promise to be in town this time!

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