Thursday, June 28, 2007

visits & cheese festival

Aunt Doris & cousin Wendy came by for a visit - they're about to go off on a month-long African safari tour.

Baby Crumpet thought to impress them by showing how to bite the head off a python.

Crumpet also took us to the 2nd annual cheese festival at the Pike Place Market. Really quite a remarkable event considering the free-for all atmosphere: entries were free but ''donation'' were accepted. Not that there were any physical barriers as tents & tables were set-up across the cobble stoned front end of the market with vendors giving away delicious cheese for free.

Our favorite was Cougar Gold. A mild cheddar made by the students at the Washington State University (home of Drew Bledsoe thank you very much). Texture is velvety with a rich, nutty & buttery taste and a nice blend of saltiness.

Listening to Bryan Ferry's covers of Dylan songs. Quite odd, really.


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