Friday, December 28, 2007

Crumpet news round-up

T-minus 3 weeks to two-year birthday (Jan. 19th)

Bought her a real bed. Retired the pack 'n play. Much rejoice and jumping on the bed with occasional rolling off in the middle of the night and crying.

Knows her ABCs - can do the whole song.

Can count to 10 in English on her own. Spanish & Chinese with help.

Food festish. For awhile loved cheese. Then ditched cheese and can't get enough of olives. Recently it has been fish and now it's apricot. Really, really, really likes chocolate.

Favorite book - the Dinosaur series from Jane Yolen

Favorite thing to do with daddy - going to Jamba Juice

Favorite thing to do with mommy - going to Starbucks

Favorite video #1 - video podcast from Sesame Street ''word of the day''

#2 - YouTube - anything with dogs or cute animals

All videos are named ''Elmo''


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