Saturday, June 07, 2008

Portland ho!

Baby Crumpet took us & Grace/Justin down to Portland, OR for the weekend.

Our first stop was Seattle's int'l district where we got loaded with chinese food and Pocki, then a pleasant drive into the City of Roses.

The highlight was the weekend was easily The Saturday Market - a massive outdoor event with shops, food stalls and street performers. Crumpet got a balloon-rabbit that she later used it to play soccer. Mom got some ''survival'' kit fire starter. Dad got some west African grub. All is well.

The food experience in Portland just keeps getting better and better. Each meal we had was inventive and delicious with such choices as Halibut hash for breakfast and Korubuta pork belly braised with sour cabbage. Yum. Of course we couldn't leave Portland without sampling lots of Stumptown coffee and Jack & Zeke's corned beef.

On our way back we stopped by the Stumptown Comic Festival - a premiere event for indie & underground comics. Crumpet wowed the crowd with her knowledge of arcane insight to the works of Crumb and scored some plush toys in the process.

We love Portland, will be back soon.


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