Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Baby Crumpet does Geneva

Baby Crumpet took us to visit Geneva - the home of Swiss Army knife, expensive watches, chocolate & numbered accounts.

Also home to some of our very good friends.

We had dinner (take-out Thai) with Ion-Marc, his wife Krsytel and son Julia.n (top photo) at their apartment just north of Lake Geneva. Ion was my neighbor in Seattle, briefly a roommate in New York and now a successful private banker. If you need a numbered account he is your guy.

We then spent a lovely afternoon out in the backyard of Sonia & Sergui and their twins, Maya & Gala (middle & bottom photos). I had originally met Sonia - who is from Madrid - in Seattle when she was working as a translator for Microsoft. Now she and her husband (formally a Red Army translator) both work for the U.N. Their twins were born in NY and we had attended their Baptism. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and now we're all parents!

We also spent a few days just walking around downtown Geneva as well as around the lake. Geneva felt like an European version of Seattle - medium size (800,000 people), cosmopolitan with a love of outdoors. The only difference were the watches advertised in the shop windows that cost more than our car(s).


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