Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Crumpet goes to Day Care

Today Baby Crumpet went to Day Care for the first time. It was a big day for Team Mia. Hours were spend on researching and establishing complex supply chain (milk, clothes, diapers), logistics (different parent drop-off and pick-up points), communication (evacuation plans), risk management (extra diapers) and work-flow solutions (scheduling). We retained the services of crack consultants, lawyers and logistic managers from different industries. We briefly considered outsourcing singing lulllabies to Infosys in India but decided to let the Hispanic care worker handle it.

We immediately ran into an obstacle. Day Care required that you bring enough pre-filled bottles to last the day - for Crumpet this meant 6 bottles. How do you transport & store it? Solution: six pack of Guinness, Turns out we were not original as the parent before me had a six pack of Dos Equis disquised as baby formula.

All in all the first day went great for everyone involved. In the ''family communication'' sheet under overall disposition Crumpet scored ''content'' and the caregiver noted she smiled a lot :-)


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