Friday, May 26, 2006

Cedar plank salmon & X3

what are you trying to say?

X3 opens today

Gracie, Leya & Ewan came over for dinner for homemade dips, cedar plank salmon, grilled asparagus, hot links & yummy pies from Grateful Bread (chocolate mint brownies....)

Da Mao's receipe for cedar plank salmon w/t secret sauce:

Soak plank in water for hours until time to grill

Season salmon (last night used King) with salt & pepper, then cover with secret sauce (Stonewall Kitchen's vidalia & fig sauce, wasabi salad dressing, ponze, lemon & OJ)

Put some olive oil on cooking side of plank, put on grill at direct high for 3 - 5 minutes until it smokes. If you have soaked it properly it shouldn't burn.

Turn heat down to indirect high, put salmon on top of plank, close kid & let it cook. Do not distrburb until it's done - about 1 minute per lbs

When finished, brush on the left over secret sauce (trick - fork the end of a 1/2 lemon & use it as a brush)

Drizzle with fried garlic & rosemary (stove top, low heat chopped garlic, rosemary & olive oil until crispy but not burnt)

Serve on the plank. Fish will have beautiful carmalized exterior and juicy meat.


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