Monday, May 22, 2006

One Year in Seattle

It was a year ago that we moved from Astoria to Seattle, in between taking the cats to visit Badlands, Walls Drug, Little Big Horn, the Corn Palace, Mount Rushmore and Devil's Tower. Much have happened in this past year - we had Baby Crumpet, bought a house, bought a grill and I went to Ikea for the very first time.

Life in the Pacific Northwest is just amazing. We're surrounded by wonderful friends - the McQuinns, Megan, Troy, Jen, Gracie, the Smiths, Gaynors, Lothian, Collins, Adams just to name a few. We spend most of our day offs either in the backyard or in the mountains. This summer we plan to visit British Columbia, Mount St Helens & Rainier, the Olympic mountains, San Juan Islands, Oregon & maybe squeeze in a visit to the wine region. We have our favorite places for ''chicken marsala pie'', ''pork adobo'' and Top Pot Donut.

We love it when friends visit. Looking forward to Book Stud this July and the Allens in August. Anybody else?


Blogger La Gringa said...

me me me me me!!!

7:12 PM  
Blogger Ku said...

when when when when???

8:47 AM  

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