Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mom does Washington

Whirldwind tour for Mom in Washington State.

First thing was to make pg feet because ''good for mommy who breast-feed''. after giving me a few rudimentary instructions she promptly takes a nap, leaving me to figure out how to make it. Actually turned out pretty well.

Out & about - lunch at Matt's in the Market. Breatfast at Five Spot with Collins (and an apparently bored Miss Crumpet), lunch at Aqua Cafe by the waterfront, lunch at Kuze Sushi in Wallingford.

Dinner at home attended by good friend Cathy (pictured), her husband John, Gracie, Collins and the McQuinns (for the first time ever Don was not the oldest). Made Chinese style BBQ pork (recipe below) + a halibut grilled on cedar plank. Crumpet was star of the evening and got passed around like a rugby ball.

Dinner at Volterra in Ballard with Troy & Megan 'cause Mom was craving Italian. awesome food including steamed fish in parchment, mussels in cream sauce, wild boar sausage with gorgonzola (great dog name, I think), wild mushroom polenta, panna cota with strawberries and beautiful Tuscan wine & vin santo. Very memorable evening.

Went to Mount Baker for the weekend where mom enjoyed our stupendous breakfast biscuits 'n gravy, world-famous fish tacos and our mouth-watering burgers (another thing she can't find in China). Mom showed Collins & I how to make Chinese BBQ pork and roast duck. As I fumble with bad translations, mom got frustrated, rolled up her sleeves, picked up a knife and went at the pork herself in the middle of the lunch rush. Always said the Chinese like brute force.

Here is what I learned on how to make Chinese BBQ pork, I think. Mom was not very forthcoming with details, just keep telling me everything is ''easy'' and probably wondering why her son is so dumb.


Pork tenderloin (can also use shoulder or butt). Score it with knife on all sides so it looks like dangling firecracker

Marinate it in Chinese BBQ sauce (called char-shui, found in most Asian stores), honey, soy sauce and white pepper

Right before baking, brush it with vinegar - this is to help the skin gets crispy

Bake it in oven at 350 degrees for roughly 20 - 30 minutes depending on size. Excellent to eat as it (w/t Chinese mustard or Japanese gomdare sauce) or use in rice, noodles or soup


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