Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mom meets Mia

Da Mao's mom came to visit Team Mia in Seattle (from Shenzhen, China) for the week and everyone had a blast. The two women had instant chemistry and spend the better part of the week glued to each other. It is such a wonderful thing for the different generation to meet.

My mom is a seasoned practioner of Taoism (she counts Lin Yun and Dalai Lama as friends and has been to Tibet many times), she is especially a good reader of people. Her prediction for Baby Crumpet's future: she will be gorgeous and out-going, but also very cunning, manipulative and difficult to control. Great, I thought I was kidding when I said my daughter will one day rule the world....

Our plan is to visit mom in China once a year and she is also planning on coming back to the States next summer and spend a few months visiting us as well as friends in the Bay Area & LA.

My mom took to Baby Crumpet immediately. She is


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