Monday, May 22, 2006

Pig Roast

Crumpet, Big A, McQuinn, Gracie & moi headed to The Seattle Wine Outlet for a pig roast & Spanish wine tasting. Photo shows what's left of the pig.. It was delicious with just the right mix of fat, saltiness & crispy skin. It only cost $220 to buy a whole roast pig from Chinatown, maybe we should get it for Crumpet's one year birthday party...

The Wine Outlet is a superb venue that specializes in finding high quality wine at bargain prices. Say leftover inventory for a cruise ship or wedding party. You never know what you will find here. One day the place could be empty while the next it might have several hundred cases of new Spanish wine.

We took home a ''twany port wine'' called Jonesy from Australia. It is neither a true port (only those from Portugal can use that name) nor is a twany (since it has been aged more than 3 years). But hey, they're Australians so they don't give a crap. It is a wonderful everyday port with lingering taste of honey & flowers. At only $10 a bottle go grab one for yourself.


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