Monday, July 10, 2006

Lyle Lovett

Saw Lyle Lovett & his big band at Chateau Ste-Michelle last night.

Great show. Lyle had a 17-piece (!) band including 4 gospel back-up singers. He went through the list of his greatest hits - from I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY to HERE I AM and SIMPLE SONG. The band was terrific, all experienced musicians in their own right. In fact we suspect only one of them was under 50.

The setting was spectacular. Blue skies. Wine flowing freely to people sitting on the lawn. Couple hot air balloons flew overnight over a full moon a distant Mount Rainier. Almost kinda cheesy.

Went with our mates Gracie, Ewan, Cathy & John. Gracie works at the Chateau so got us into the ''VIP'' party for much yummy free food. Both John & Ewan are soon-to-be-fathers so they got a does of stories from me, because, you know, I'm so experienced and all.

STYX is playing there next. Should be, um, interesting.

Special shout out to Dan (the Man) who watched Baby Crumpet so we can go play...


Blogger La Gringa said...

Styx? STYX???!!!!

Don't you DARE.

10:02 PM  

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