Thursday, January 18, 2007

Less Than One

Tomorrow (Jan 19th) Baby Crumpet turns one.

Today is the last day she will be Less Than One

Birthday party is this Sunday. Report/photos to come

Below was the first ever original posting of Baby Crumpet.....

Introducing Mia Jade Wood Liang!

Eager to arrive in a world populated by such wonderful things as Joe’s Shanghai, the region of Tuscany and Weber Silver Genesis II™ Gas Grills – Miss Mia Jade Wood-Liang was born at 5:24pm PST on Thursday, January 19th, 2006 at the Swedish Hospital in Seattle. (Does that make her Swedish? Maybe an extra discount at IKEA? Oh, the things to look forward to!) Our cats, however, are in for a surprise.

Mia (as in momma mia) was born 5 lbs 14 ounces and 18 ¼ inches long. Both baby & mom are doing great (dad is a little stunned). Mia expressed great control of bodily functions by immediately sneezing, burping, hiccupping and - to great applause - pooping.

Mom is doing equally well. By day two she was feasting on piroshky and sushi and enjoying a Starbucks vanilla latte. In between there is a lot of sleeping.

A few sneak preview photos attached – trust me – a lot (I mean A LOT) more to come. (Wa ha ha ha ha!!!!)

We’ll be home by Sunday. If you’re in the neighborhood come on by. If you wish to skip the parents and speak to Mia directly you can send her an email at Thank you all for your love & support. It made the whole experience that much funnier.

Adrian, Ku & Mia Jade


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