Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random thoughts on world events

Memo to General Pace: if you don't believe gay men can fight in wars, maybe you should read your history book on Alexander.
Alberto Gonzales. I'm not sure what the big fuss is. US attorneys are political appointees and their boss (the attorney general and the president) can fire them anytime without reason. I think the big issue is here people see this (minor) scandal as part of a larger pattern of the White House abuse of power so it really need to be considered in the larger context.

Are we really at war? I don't feel we are. If you don't read the news than you wouldn't know. There is no draft, no war tax, no calls to conserve or volunteer, no calls to pitch in to the war effort, no slogans, no marches. Heck, I see more patriotism at sports events. I hear more people talking about American Idol than than a war that has killed thousands and cost billions. Weird.

Have not made up my mind yet about the 08 election. McCain is scary. Rudy, yikes, anybody who lived in NY knows what a disaster and disgrace he is. Romney I don't know too much about. Hilary is probabl the smartest and most qualified but she may be too polarizing. Obama seem to have the most potential, but again, I need to learn more about him.


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