Wednesday, March 28, 2007

St Patricks Day

Gracie & Leah celebrates St Patricks Day with Black & Tans

annual Irish feast at Chez O'Liang

attended by Collins, Leah, Gracie, Leya, Ewan, Leo, Desiree, Don, Carol, Nathan, Jim & Jenni.

Corned Beef & cabbage w/t Sunday Bacon

Sheppard's Pie w/t chorizo & mild italian sausage & roast chicken

Green salad w/t fennel & mandarin orange

Kerrygold Irish cheddar

Homemade soda bread (Gracie)

Homemade Lemon pound cake (Adrian)

Black & Tan (Guinness & Bass)

***Collins' receipe for corned beef & cabbage

- Cook corned beef in water until soft, then cook some more (I used 7 lbs of beef, took about 3 1/2 hours)
- Put glaze on top (I used dijon mustard, clover honey & Smith & Wollensky steak sauce) then broil in oven for few minutes until slightly carmelized on top
- at the same cook the cabbage in the same water that cooked the corned beef
- Serve hot at once with some fresh bacon crumbles on the cabbage


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