Thursday, June 28, 2007

Locus Award

Baby Crumpet took us to the Locus Awards banquet which doubled as the 70th birthday bash for Charles Brown.

Crumpet wore a fashionable chinese silk dress and hawai'i leis. Photo (w/t Amelia Beamer from Locus) courtesy of award-winning artist John Picacio.

Also had dinner w/t SF writer Greg Bear and his family - Astrid, Alex & Erik. Astrid prepared a stupendous meal of beef stuffed w/t raisins & pine nuts, tomatoes slow roasted and many other delicacies. Meanwhile Greg Bear showed off his impressive home entertainment center while regaled us with stories of working with Homeland Security, The State Department and the FBI on helping with prepare by coming up with bad stuff that they have not though off yet

One thing Crumpet loves to do is to sit on a ledge her size, anyway. We have since named these ''Mia ledges''


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