Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Baby Crumpet does Pimonte/Itlay

Photos of Baby Crumpet eating prosciutto in Val D'Aosta, doing a wine tasting in Barolo and eating Targine pasta in Asti.

Baby Crumpet took us to the Pimonte region of Italy. This northwest area borders with France & Switzerland and it is known for wine & pesto.

We arrived at the region from France by driving thru the famed Mont Blanc Tunnel and stayed in a small town in-between Savigliano (a lovely medieval town with the liveliest square that I have ever seen) and Bra (birth place of the Slow Food movement). Map in hand we (meaning Adrian as I don't know how to drive a stick) drove around the region for 3 days drinking wine and eating stupendous Italian food.

Highlights includes visiting the outdoor market in Asti (as in Asti Spumante), wine-tasting and a 4 hour meal in Barolo (as in the wine) and visiting a wine cellar in Cannelli. Oh, and we ate gelato everyday too.


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