Saturday, October 25, 2008

Montana 1

Baby Crumpet took us to the Bitteroot Valley in Montana to visit uncle Lynn & aunt Paula.

We spent plenty of time on one of their 7 ATVs + one Yamaha Rhino (sort of a Jeep ATV). These things can go anywhere. We had a ton of fun crashing through the forest and going up & down into ditches & rivers.

We also shot clay pigeons using a variety of shotguns. I had never done it before but clearly had beginners' luck as I connected on 4 out of my first 5 shots at which point I quickly retired to protect my reputation.

Bow shooting with compound bows were also a lot of fun. We shot at a multitude of targets including a wooden deer. I had no idea how heavy these bows were.

A went off with another crew to go fly fishing & was the winner with 4 trouts caught.

For a few brief shining moments we city folks can pretend to be outdoor people. I think the Crumpet had a lot of fun riding the ATVs.


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