Saturday, October 25, 2008

Montana 2

The story is this - uncle Lynn & aunt Paula has had a vacation home in Montana for a few years. They loved it so much they kept building additions, including a massive compound just finished this summer so they invited everywhere for a family reunion.

We were there, as were A's parents, brother Ivan, his wife Heather & Mia's cousin Abby. Grandma Dot + host of other uncles, cousins....etc.

It made for a boisterous time with all the kids & dogs running around and the adult lounging around drinking wine or enjoying the host's $4,000 espresso maker (you press a button and it does everything for you including foaming the milk).

We volunteered to cook a few meals including cedar plank salmon & halibut & baby back ribs.

One day we went off to the country club for some outdoor BBQ, swimming, croquet and a hayride pulled by Clydesdales. Another time I went with A's dad in search of ''jerky'' and found exactly what I was hoping to find - a roadside shack with a dude in white wife beaters who claim to have been making jerky in this spot for 33 years. After we purchased some wonderfully smokey buffalo jerky & summer sausage he gave us some moose bones for the dogs. I think I'm the dog's new best friend.

Eating, drinking, shooting, riding, swimming, hanging around outdoors. Leisure life in Montana can be very addictive.


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