Thursday, December 04, 2008

This & that

quick trip down to san francisco & berkeley: highlight: cheese puff @ Tartine Bakery in Mission. interesting experience: having my car towed at said bakery - amazed at the efficiency of the chinese woman at the downtown impound for taking my money & returning my car - I swear the whole process took less than 5 minutes

Baby Crumpet has decided she wants to be a ''Princess Sheep'' when she grows up.

Attended Lily's 5 years old birthday party at Jen Risko's downtown condo. Yummy lasagna lots of wine + a Max & Ruby cake.

Thanksgiving at the Gaynors. Jim made awesome turkey using a brine recipe from Alton Brown (and I normally don't like turkey). Everyone potlucked. Nathan teached Baby Crumpet how to play Wii.

The auto industry wants $34 billion in loans & line of credit from the federal government. Why can't they get that from banks? or why can't they file for bankruptcy & re-organize like the airlines?

I'm sick to my stomach with what happened in Mumbai.

The political crisis in Ottawa & Bangkok is, ridiculous.

I'm finally on Twitter - under kliang.

Making holiday plans for Boston - looking forward to seeing family, Eva & the Allens.

Next book club pick: How to Cook a Wolf by M.F.K. Fisher


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