Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Crumpet info dump

It's long overdue for an update on the life & times of Baby Crumpet so here it is.

She will be three years old on Jan 19th next year

She is now potty trained (gummy bears did the trick)

She is an Elite level traveler on Northwest Airlines - having been to Mexico (twice), Vancouver (3 times), Boston (twice), San Francisco (3 times), New York, Las Vegas, China (once, but going again next week), Italy, Amsterdam, Geneva, France & the Alps.

She is a very polite girl.

She is a good eater. Favorite food include: risotto, salmon, dover sole, salami, rice, miso soup & cheese. Sucks down dim sum like there is no tomorrow. Plan to introduce sushi soon.

Morning ritual: warm milk with her favorite blanket while sitting on mommy/or daddy's lap in the rocking chair

She helps to set the dinner table & takes in the garbage

She is very good with her alphabets & is better than her dad (me) in puzzles

Loves movies - favorites are Shrek and Max & Ruby (did not like Finding Nemo - thought it was too scary. Says she likes ''happy'' movies

Loves books - favorites series are Martha Speaks, Max & Ruby, Captain Raptor, Pinkerton, Angelina Ballerina

She is a good swimmer. Loves dogs. Still can't get our own cats to pay attention to her.

Loves dressing up as ballet dancer and/or fairy (with wings). Likes to dance ballet and knows 3 moves.

When throwing a tantrum she loses her ability to speak and is known to crumple to the floor & pound with her feet while her cynical parents (us) tries hard not to laugh.

Hello Kitty rules.


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