Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whole hog!

Baby Crumpet prepared a whole roasted pig for A's birthday party.

We picked up the 50 lbs piglet from Kau Kau restaurant in Seattle. They roast it Chinese style with crispy skin & a touch of soy sauce. An outdoor bar completed the festive setting.

Thanks for all of our good friends who joined us for the good time: Collins, The Gaynors, Jen Risko, Lily, Braden, the Brings, Greg & Astrid Bear, Fleetwood, Pierce, Tomoko & Desiree, Gracie & Justin, Leah, the Beidlers. A's brother Ivan & his wife Heather & kid Abby (who lives in Boston) also joined us right after the family reunion in Montana.

Leah's boyfriend - who is in a punk band - took home the pig's head planning to bite it during a concert the next night.

Would love to roast my own piglet someday.


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