Thursday, January 01, 2009

Seattle Snow Storm 2008

Over several days in December Seattle was shut down by about 8 inches of snow. Before folks from real winter cities go WTF note that Seattle rarely gets any snow & is totally unprepared for it. The entire city has only 27 snow removing vehicles (Boston, a city the exact size, has 700). We have no sanders and by policy do not salt the streets. The local airline Alaska ran out of de-icing fluids & airport concessions ran out of food as the supply trucks could not get to the airport.

Our street was closed by the time 1 1/2 inches had fallen. Adrian & Crumpet each missed 3 days of work & school. We put the chains on our Prius and that was lots of fun, we felt like we were driving a tank when we took Gracie to the airport.

The benefit of our street covered in unplowed snow (we live on a hill) was that it made for great sledding which we did muuitple times each day, including nighttime (with Crumpet leading way via headlamp). The few days of winter wonderland made we (briefly) wished we live in a place where snow happens all the time. Then the moment passed.

Our cats were far less unimpressed by the snow. They would each venture out for a few minutes then dash back inside for he comfort of heat, food & iTunes.


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